I love to create and teach! What a better way than through quilting.  The endless possibilities of design, colors, and techniques keep me excited to create the next quilt and the next. So many ideas and not enough time. 
I'm launching this site with a focus on Flippy Flanges, yet more will come as more ideas get put to paper. 
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Are You a Committed Quilter? 

If any of the below offenses apply to you,
then… well …
you are sentenced to life as a Committed Quilter.
(Sentencing details below!)
Minor offenses:
Are you quilting when you should be cooking, doing laundry or other chores?
Lost more than two hours of sleep for days in a row so you can make your quilt deadline?
Do you pinch pennies just so you can buy a yard or two of fabric to add to your stash?
Ensure that every vacation includes stops at the local quilt shops?
Do you find the last thought before going to sleep is your next quilt creation?
Attended multiple retreats or quilt shows this last year?
Major offenses:
Have a room full of fabric, but just have to ‘go to the quilt shop’ for inspiration before you can start on your next project?
Have at least one room in your home dedicated to your obsession?
(Yes, this includes the closet spaces storing your stash.)
You have made at least a dozen quilts, and yet do not have a quilt on your own bed?
Significantly stretched the truth about the money you spent at the last quilting event – not only to others but to yourself!?
You have been sentenced as a Committed Quilter!
You are sentenced for life…
There is little possibility for recovery…
To avoid an institutional stay, you MUST get help from like-minded individuals
who understand you and can provide appropriate support.
You MUST feed your growing appetite for ways to...
· Make a small dent in your quilt stash - Be inspired!
· Search out new patterns for your next creation - Original Patterns
· Continuously learn and apply new techniques - Online Classes
· The difficult, ask for help - Ideas, please!
· Take on the occasional challenge - Challenges/Mysteries
· Be on the look-out for ways to safely support your habit - Tips & Tricks
Your sentence begins NOW!
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What can you expect?
My goal is to inspire and provide learning opportunities for quilters of all skill levels. A monthly email will provide fun along with ways to participate in the journey through classes, original patterns, and whatever this journey brings.
Are You Committed?
Dedicated? Crazy? Or a little of both?
Let’s explore and find out!